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At the heart of KRISHCO is a relentless pursuit of excellence in water solutions, agricultural implements, power generation equipment, and fluid technology applications. We go beyond expectations, setting new standards that redefine quality and efficiency. As a premium supplier, our commitment to our customers is evident in our mission: "Quality you can rely on."


Diverse Product Portfolio:

Embracing innovation, we are proud to introduce our latest range of products - CPVC, UPVC, SWR, and AGRI pipes and fittings. These additions exemplify our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for your evolving needs. Whether it's efficient water management, robust irrigation systems, or industry-leading home appliances, KRISHCO delivers products that ensure the highest levels of reliability, flexibility, and efficiency.

Innovation at the Core:

Intelligence. Inspiration. Inventiveness. These principles guide us in every aspect of our business. In the dynamic field of water movement technology, KRISHCO is at the forefront, consistently setting benchmarks with our developments, products, systems, and services. Our team of experienced and creative professionals, coupled with innovative technical systems, ensures that we stay ahead of the curve.

Making Life Easy:

Our commitment to making life easy is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We understand the importance of simplicity and functionality in our products and solutions. At KRISHCO, we measure our success by the ease we bring into the lives of people. By anticipating and addressing customer needs comprehensively, we develop innovations that redefine industry standards.

Crafting Quality, Ensuring Reliability:

At KRISHCO, our focus on cutting-edge machinery goes hand in hand with our dedication to quality. We go beyond manufacturing - we engineer products that withstand the test of time. The amalgamation of our skilled workforce, innovative technologies, and world-class infrastructure is what sets us apart.

Choose Krishco Engineers Pvt Ltd for a partnership that transcends expectations - where precision meets innovation, and quality is not just promised but delivered. Experience the future of water solutions and agricultural implements with us.


Quality You Can Rely On:

"QUALITY YOU CAN RELY ON" is not just a slogan; it's our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. We invest in enhancing our technical knowledge and competence to propel us as an innovation and technology-driven enterprise. At KRISHCO, successful innovations are born from a deep understanding of market requirements and a foresight into future technology trends. Choose KRISHCO Engineers Pvt Ltd for water solutions that go beyond expectations, for products that stand the test of time, and for a commitment to excellence that ensures a quality of life you can rely on. Experience the future of water management with us.

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Our Infrastructure:

Behind every revolutionary product stands a robust infrastructure, and at KRISHCO, our manufacturing facility is a testament to this philosophy. We leverage modern machines and equipment to craft world-class products, ensuring precision, reliability, and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is equipped with:

Our manufacturing Unit and Infrastructure

CNC Lathe Machines:

Utilizing Computer Numerical Control technology for precise and efficient machining, our CNC lathe machines form the backbone of our manufacturing process.

Shaping Machines:

Transforming raw materials into intricate shapes with precision, our shaping machines guarantee the meticulous craftsmanship that defines our products.

Special Purpose Machines (SPM):

Tailored to meet specific manufacturing needs, our SPMs enhance efficiency and flexibility in production.

drilling machines

Drilling Machines:

Ensuring accuracy in creating holes and openings, our drilling machines contribute to the flawless assembly of our products.

Vertical Machining Center (VMC):

Employing cutting-edge vertical machining technology for complex and precise manufacturing processes, our VMCs play a crucial role in our production capabilities.

drilling machines

Grinding Machines:

Achieving the finest surface finishes and tight tolerances, our grinding machines add the perfect finishing touch to our products.

Automatic Winding Machine:

Ensuring consistency and reliability in winding processes, our automatic winding machines contribute to the durability of our products

drilling machines

Milling Machines:

Enabling a diverse range of milling operations, our milling machines ensure the versatility required to meet the demands of our varied product lines.

Lathe Machines:

The cornerstone of precision engineering, our lathe machines contribute to the accurate shaping and turning of materials.

State of the Art Painting and Packing Department:

Our commitment to quality extends to the final stages of production. Our painting and packing department ensures that every product leaving our facility meets the highest standards of aesthetics and protection during transit.

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